Consultation feedback on CCC's New Local Plan 2040

Chislet Parish Council recently submitted feedback as part of the consultation process for Canterbury City Council’s New Local Plan 2040. 

Our letter can be found by clicking here.

To find out more about CCC's plans, click here. For specific information about the draft vision and growth plans upon which we comment, click here

Temporary closure of Hollow Street, Old Tree Road & Mill Road

To allow fibre connection and other associated civil works to complete BT spine works, Kent County Council has made an Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on Hollow Road, Old Tree Road & Mill Road, Hoath & Chislet.

Click here to read the full public notice from Ken County Council.

More temporary footpath closures for pylon removal

Further to our recent update about temporary footpath closure as part of the removal of old pylons from the Richborough Connection Project (click here), we have received more notices of temporary closure which can be found here: 





CCC Planning decides against Environmental Screening for solar project and explains why to our MP

Canterbury City Council (CCC) Planning has decided that the 250 acre solar energy plant proposed by Enso Energy "would not be likely to have significant effects on the environment [and] therefore concludes that ... an EIA [Environmental Impact Assessment] is not required."

Their full letter can be found either on CCC Planning's website (click here) or directly from our website (click here). 

This position disagrees with the joint representation made by Chislet and Hoath parish councils that the plans risk "lasting damage ... on [the] environment, society and governance (ESG) of Hoath, Chislet and wider region of Canterbury." (click here for our full letter).

In response to a letter from Sir Roger Gale, MP, CCC Planning have said (click here for the full letter), "As yet, no planning application has been received for a proposed solar farm on the land south of Marley in Hoath. // Should an application be made, it will be the subject of public notification, including involvement of the Ward and Parish Councillors. The applicant would also need to provide a number of studies/assessments, including looking at agricultural land quality, landscape and visual impacts, construction traffic and noise assessments."

The letter asserts furthermore that an EIA was rejected "principally because it [the 250 acre site] is not located within a sensitive area as defined by the regulations, such as a Site of Special Scientific Interest or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty."

Road surface maintenance on Church Lane, Chislet

Kent County Council have contacted us to say they will be working to improve the road surface of Church Lane Chislet between North Stream and Chitty Lane. These works are programmed to start on the 4th May 2021 and should take 2 days to complete. These activities will be undertaken during a working window between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Click here for more information. 

Richborough Connection Project - temporary closure of footpath

As part of the Richborough Connection Project, RSK Landscape have contacted us to say they we have been liaising with Kent County Council (KCC) to put in place local footpath diversions whilst they carry out essential construction work of the overhead powerlines over the next 8 months. Residents may have seen these recently in place or on the KCC website. As part of their obligations, they have provided a copy of their application that they agreed with the KCC so that local Parishes are fully aware of local public rights of way diversions within the Chislet Parish area.

Please find further details by clicking here for the temporary closure notice to Public Right of Way (PRoW) CB124, which will undergo a closure until the 12th of July 2021.  

Chislet & Hoath Parish Councils jointly insist on Environmental Screening for Solar Plant

Chislet and Hoath Parish Councils have jointly written to Canterbury City Council's Planning Deprtment to insist on the importance of full environmental screening for Enso Energy's proposed solar energy manufacturing plant and battery storage facility. 

We argue with extensive evidence that Enso Energy’s letter to Canterbury City Council dated 29 March 2021 contains many misleading statements and factual errors making it essential that an Environmental Impact Assessment is conducted rather than relying on reported inaccuracies.

Our full letter can be downloaded: click here.

For further information, please contact either Parish Council. To access our sister village Hoath's parish council website, please click here

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